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Are you ready to take control of your life? Get ready to turn your healthy mind, body, and soul on. It all starts in the mind.

Hello lovely I’m Priscilla so glad you have found me.

I believe that you can take back and gain control over your fertility journey. I am here to help you learn to cope with the roller coaster of emotions.

First, Let me start by saying, I have been where you are. My fertility journey was a roller coaster of despair, loneliness, frustration, anger, and confusion. I know the feelings of anger, disappointment, shame, guilt, frustration, loneliness, hopelessness, and fear. Asking why me? Conflict with a partner due to fertility journey? Did intimacy turn into a chore?

I help women heal from the traumas of infertility and loss and teach coping techniques so your journey is much more positive. I can help you get unstuck, so let’s uncover any emotional blocks, stop the negative looping in your mind, and help you alter your mindset so your life and view of your fertility are more hopeful.

Following my own difficult journey, I would like to offer support to you going through your own fertility journey and treatment and help look after your mental health whilst trying to conceive.

I have trained as a Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist and am offering emotional well-being support which is fundamentally lacking for couples suffering from recurrent miscarriage, ectopic, IUI, IVF, and unexplained infertility. So many people are unhappy with their life, but they don’t know what to do about it.

We’re all busy, and we have a lot on our plates. It can be hard to find time for self-care when you feel like there’s never enough hours in the day.

The truth is, your mind is like a garden. If you don’t tend to it, it will become overgrown with weeds and soon enough your day-to-day life will be filled with negativity.

You want to live a happy, healthy, fulfilling life but instead, you find yourself stuck in the same negative thought patterns that hold you back from reaching your full potential.

New York, NY, USA

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